Willow sculptures are a great way to enhance your environment. They can look magical, creepy, quirky, cute and fun! They are great for both outdoor spaces, such as gardens, woods and parks and indoor spaces, such as hallways, conservatories and even whole rooms! Willow sculptures can be used for theatre, television and film sets, or a fun way to decorate festival spaces or illustrate a story. They look especially great in green spaces, hung in trees and peeping out of woodland foliage. They are made from natural material and will eventually bio-degrade outside, but on the plus side you can re commission new pieces or enjoy the fact that they have very little carbon footprint! However they can be preserved and cared for to make them last longer and indoors they last for many years.

Emma has made pieces for both private clients and organisations such as the National Trust and Derbyshire County Council. You can commission Emma to make your own unique sculpture.

She can make pieces that suit your requirements and brief. They can be life size or really big. Emma has worked on Pets, book characters, woodland creatures and many more unique characters. See the Gallery to view more.

How to commission

Just contact Emma for an informal discussion, with no obligation, about what you would like. Either by email, phone or social media.

Creating the sculptures can take a while depending on the scale and detail of the pieces, so it is a good idea to give lots of notice when placing a commission. She will do her best to make the piece as quickly and carefully as possible to suit your requirements.

Some larger pieces will require a deposit.


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