New, New studio and Spring!!

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Another New studio I hear you say!

Well yes, I have finally settled at a place that ticks all the boxes. Earlier this year I moved into a converted cow shed with adjoining storage space. I was very sad to leave my friends at Fleet Arts but unfortunately it wasn't quite large enough to meet my needs. I am however intending to still run workshops there. So they haven't seen the last of me!

My new place is on a farm near Kirk Langley. It feels great to have my own space and also somewhere to store my willow. The landlord and farmer is also growing some willow for me, so I hope to have my own harvest in a year or two. It is in a beautiful area with lots of green fields, wildlife and birds. I feel blessed to be here.

Unfortunately it hasn't all been plane sailing. With the Covid-19 situation and lockdown I have been unable to go in as much as I would like. Obviously it has taken its toll on so many people and my business has been no different. I can only be grateful that it is only my work that has been effected and not my health or my family.

I have found it very difficult be stay motivated and creative if I am honest. My main concern was for my family and friends and still is. However I am starting to find my mojo again and hope I can get back into some kind of flow. I am luck enough to have some commissioned work and I am able to concentrate on that. I have lost lots of work this year, as many artists have. The online option, was not really an option for me, as my materials are not very accessible by the average person. Many workshops have been postponed or moved till next year but it has left me with a massive financial gap. For those folk who have paid and booked onto a workshop that I have organised, (they have been informed) I will run them when I can or give you the option to do another workshop of the same value. I haven't forgotten about you.

I hope this break will be an opportunity for creative ideas to flourish. The arts industry will boom again soon and we will have lots of ideas and stories to draw on for inspiration.

So my friends, stay safe and well and I send love and blessings to all of you at a difficult time.