Goodbye 2019 and bring it on 2020

With just over a week to 2020 I thought it was a good time to write my blog. Its been a very busy and productive year and I just wanted to share some of my achievements for 2019.

I finally finished the very large badgers at Derby Royal Hospital. It was a lengthy project and took up the first part of the year. There has been a great response from everyone that has seen them and it makes me very proud to bring some joy to those who visit the hospital.

On a personal level I am very proud of these and I am eager to work on some more large commissions. So if you have one in mind please get in touch.

There have been other projects there as well. Three leaping hares became part of the garden at the ICU area. They are part of a great space that includes a woodland mural by the amazing illustrator Emma Bailey and Ola Wilson of Fleet Arts.

Also my first collaboration, with fellow willow worker Alistair Hayhurst of Underwood Crafts, was to make two decorative fences to screen off areas of the garden and to compliment the artwork. It was great to work along side him. I learnt more about the structural aspect of willow, Oh and that being small has its downsides to fence making!!

My trusted friend Miles Halpin, who is my metal fabricator, has been such a great help for a number of projects this year. I wanted to mention him, as without him I would have to learn how to weld. So I thank him for the great job he does and all the laughs we have whilst working it all out.

I have run many workshops this year. Some working for other organisations such as Zantium Studios and Greenwood days. At festivals and community events and others that I have organised myself. There have been a growing number of people wanting to experience willow weaving and some very talented people have taken part. I wish them well on their willow journey and I hope to see some people back next year. Check out my new dates for 2020!

Much of my year seems to be taken up by promotion and marketing. It is a very necessary side to running a business, but also frustrating as it is just me. I am eager in 2020 to try and make more and produce more sculptures.

On that note I have several projects that are under my belt for early 2020 and some more pending. I look forward to sharing them with you in the Spring. I hope to take part in new exciting projects that meet my ethics and values. I want to do my bit to bring awareness to the natural world and encourage people to care for the environment through creativity.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.