Catherine Wheel?

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Why you are asking? Its not November.

Well let me explain. Creatively I feel like a Catherine wheel.

This time of the year things are very slow to get off the ground. I spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas and projects. I complete my tax return and spend lots of time promoting, with email and lots of screen time.

I want to get making, but I feel a lack of motivation. It seems to happen every January. I slowly start to pick up again, start to make, create and pick up momentum. Eventually I end up whizzing and busy, busy and then I will fizzle out, usually around August time. Right now I need someone to light my fuse!

It’s funny when I am really busy I think of loads of things I want to make, but then don’t have the time. Right now I have more time but don’t feel like it. I am trying to go with the flow. I want to be more like water than a Catherine wheel, going with the flow, nice and steady.

So I am trying to be kind and gentle with myself and not worry too much if I am not weaving away. I have some willow just about ready and may fiddle with a few of the sticks over the next few days and see what happens. In the mean time I have my 7 month old pup, Opal, to keep me more than busy.

Oh and thanks to the person who took the Catherine wheel image. I couldn’t find the persons name to credit them.